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Fall Protection Consulting, Inc. provides WAC/OSHA required training in the following Powered Platforms, (Aerial Lifts) Fall Protection both Steel Erection and Reinforcing, Steel Erection  Site Conditions & Construction Sequencing, Connector Training, Multiple Lift Rigging Training, Safety Monitor System. I put  together site-specific fall protection plans, erection plans, Accident Prevention Plans, conduct safety meetings and weekly safety audits (WAC 296-155-(9)(a) tailored to steel erectors needs.

·         You go to my “Checklist Link” fill out and send via fax, email your specific job information, including and specific contract safety language the general contractor, owner may require.

·         I review your submitted checklist and compile two site specific Safety/Fall Protection work plans in binder form for your project.

·         One copy to the general contractor, with CD-ROM including all your specific plans, forms, MSDS etc. and one jobsite copy for your onsite “qualified/competent" person” (foreman/superintendent)

·         If you have a company Accident Prevention Program, I will review it and make recommendations.

Your Site Specific Fall/Safety Protection will include:



1. Commitment to Safety                                9.  Enforcement of plan

2. Responsibilities under This Plan         10. Disciplinary Measures

3. Onsite/Offsite Safety Representative 11. Exposure Vehicular Traffic

4. Safety Orientation/Training              12. Crane Safety

5. Fall Hazard Identification                 13. Accident Investigations/Near Misses

6. Fall Protection Methods                   14. Changes to the Plan

7. Emergency Preparedness                 15. Hazard Communication MSDS

8. Fall Protection Rescue                    16. Training and Instruction documentation


Outside cover page of your site specific binder.


Inside binder CD-ROM, all you company specific Accident Prevention Program MSDS's, other site specific information. 


Inside binder title page.


Table of contents for your site specific safety/fall protection plan.