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Erik: Best Union Tower Crane Operator Waving at me :-) REC Silicon 11-29-07

On July 18th 2001 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revises the construction industry safety standards which regulate steel erection. The final rule enhances protections provided to workers engaged in steel erection and updates the general provisions that address steel erection. The final rule set performance-oriented criteria, where possible, to protect Ironworkers from steel erection related hazards such as working under loads; hoisting, landing and placing decking; column stability; double connections; hoisting, landing and placing steel joists; and falls to lower levels. To effectuate this, the final rule contains requirements for hoisting and rigging, structural steel assembly, beam and column connections, joist erection, systems-engineered metal building erection, fall protection and training. 

        Click on the below links to read each standard and how it applies to your company. Note: DOSH did NOT follow OSHA's Fall Protection dealing with Connectors, see WAC 296-155-716

Steel Erectors, Take Note

WAC 296-155-700- WAC 296-155-717

WAC 296-155-701 Scope, Provides the scope, application of the rule.

WAC 296-155-702 Definitions. Provides definitions applicable to the rule.

WAC 296-155-703 Site layout, site-specific erection plan and construction sequence. Provides requirements pertaining to layout, erection plans and construction sequence.

WAC 296-155-704 Hoisting and rigging. Provides requirements pertaining to hoisting and rigging, including multiple rigging procedures.

WAC 296-155-706 Structural steel assembly. Provides structural stability requirements during assembly.

WAC 296-155-707 Column anchorage. Establishes requirements for erection stability and anchoring.

WAC 296-155-708 Beams and columns. Provides requirements for placing and bracing of beams of columns.

WAC 296-155-709 Open web steel joists. Provides requirements for lateral stability, attachment of joists and girders, bridging, and the landing and placing of loads.

WAC 296-155-711 Systems-engineered metal buildings. Provides requirements for erection of system-engineered metal buildings.

WAC 296-155-714 Falling object protection. Provides requirements to secure items to prevent displacement.

WAC 296-155-716 Fall protection. Provides fall protection requirements.

WAC 296-155-717 Training. Provides requirements on training of employees.






Evergreen Erectors project (Christmas Treeing) Multiple Lift Rigging, 100% tie off, Site Specific Fall Protection/Erection Plan in use!